Best Beaches in Kentucky

Write an introduction paragraph If you’re looking for a great beach to relax on, Kentucky has plenty of them. Many of the best beaches in the state are located along the Ohio River and the Lake Cumberland area. There are also a few good beaches on the Cumberland River and in the Jackson Purchase region.

Wherever you go, there are many great destination spots that make for great weekend getaways, or provide a memorable location to swim and fish on the weekend. Below is a list of the best beaches located in the state of Kentucky, organized by cities.

Top Rated Beaches in Kentucky

The following are several of the top rated beaches in Kentucky, which are listed in no particular order. The order is arbitrary so no ranking or preference can be inferred from its position on this list. There are pros and cons to each choice but only you can decide which one suits your needs best!

Silver Creek Beach

Silver Creek Beach is located about an hour outside of Lexington KY. It’s relatively small by comparison to the others and is only open during summer months. The biggest con for this beach is that it can get very crowded in the summertime. There are no lifeguards on duty either. It’s a great choice to avoid crowds if you don’t mind driving for an hour or so (one-way) and don’t need amenities like bathrooms, showers, food service, etc. Positives: Even though there are no real “beach facilities” here, there is still an area where you can hang out in the water with mats of grass nearby to lay down on while playing frisbee or relaxing under a tree with your favorite book!

Nolin Lake State Park

Another great option is Nolin Lake State Park about an hour south of Louisville KY near Mammoth Cave National Park. There are several beaches located along Nolin lake, many of which can be found at campground locations. One of the most visited beaches is located near the Brier Creek Campground, and there is plenty of parking options for day visitors. There are also on-site bathrooms, which make this location great for camping as well as spending a day in the water with your family. Positives: Nolin Lake is another great family-friendly beach with a large parking lot, plenty of picnic tables and grills for day use.

Ky Dam Beach

Ky Dam Beach is located in the city of Gilbertsville KY on the northern shores of Kentucky Lake, which has 2,064 miles of shoreline! This location has lots to do besides swimming including trails that are fun if you enjoy biking or hiking around, boating/kayaking, fishing, playgrounds for children etc. There are also plenty of amenities like restrooms, showers, food service (for day use only), boat rentals etc. It’s very crowded during summer months but it’s worth checking out!

Taylorsville Lake State Park

Taylorville Lake is a wonderful place to go fishing and camping, and many people enjoy spending the day along the shoreline of Taylorsville Lake. The beaches are small and rocky, but they are rarely crowded. You can use the Possum Ridge Boat Ramp area to access the water, of drive along one of the many roads in the State Park until you find an open beach area that suits you.

Laurel River Lake Spillway Beach

If you prefer a remote spot where you can feel one with nature while swimming in beautiful blue waters surrounded by trees and cliffs then this is the location for you! This place is located southwest of London in the southeastern corner of Kentucky. Positives: The Laurel River Lake Spillway Beach is very remote and secluded, so your chances of seeing other people there are pretty slim!

Quarry Road Recreation Area

Located on Barren River Lake near Glasgow KY, this beach has everything that you could possibly want in including large parking lots, bathroom facilities, and showers. There are also grills/firepits, volleyball court, playgrounds for children and much more.