Best Beaches in Vermont

Vermont is well known for its natural beauty, and a surprisingly beautiful aspect of the state is its many pristine beaches along its many rivers and lakes. Many of these beaches are within a short drive of populated cities like Boston, Albany, Hartford, and Springfield, and offer a pleasant change of scenery (and far fewer people) when compared to coastal beaches.

However, arguably the best beaches in Vermont are located at the south end of the state, away from the big cities. There are a number of different places to enjoy a day at the beach, but the small town of Ludlow is a good place to start. It’s less than two hours from Boston and New York, and it also has Amtrak service to both cities. And if you’re looking for a quieter vacation spot, there are a number of campgrounds in Ludlow that provide beach access.

Top Rated Beaches in Vermont

Red Rocks Park

The beach at Red Rocks park is open to the public and includes a designated swim area with restrooms. Visitors can use the nearby trail systems to go hiking and running. In the winter these trails are popular for snow shoeing and cross country skiing.

Elmore State Park

Elmore State Park has a large sandy beach area that is ideal for swimming. A nearby beautiful beach house function room can be rented out for events, where many birthdays, weddings, and other events take place on the weekends. There is a large picnic pavilion that offers charcoal grills, restrooms, and picnic tables. A campground is also available for those who wish to stay overnight.

Waterbury Center State Park

Waterbury Center State Park is a stunning park that lies on Waterbury Reservoir and has a sandy beach area. The facility offers three boat ramps and 47 campsites for visitors looking to enjoy Vermont’s premier recreation resource in Central Vermont. With picnic areas as well as beach area around the perimeter of this beautiful lakeshore site it would be hard not find something you like at one place or another!

Lake Willoughby

Many people come here in the fall for Vermont’s spectacular fall colors, but Lake Willoughby is also a popular destination for summertime visitors looking for a beach. The lake has a North and South beach, both of which provide excellent views of the surrounding area. You can make a day out of the area by hiking Mount Pisgah and then heading down to the beach afterwards to cool down.

Lake Dunmore

Branbury is a wonderful state park that offers many opportunities for scenic views and pure relaxation. It’s location on the eastern shore of Lake Dunmore provides stunning scenery, as does its green mountain neighbor to the east The Green Mountain National Forest adjoins Branbury which makes it perfect territory for outdoor enthusiasts such as hikers or campers looking to explore all aspects in one spot. What’s better is that there is a sandy beach along Lake Dunmore that is a popular destination during the summer. Pets are not allowed on the sandy area of the beach, but there are plenty of grassy areas nearby where you can bring your pets. For those interested less intensely but still want some fresh air this summer there are plenty campsites with basic necessities nearby too!