Lexington-Fayette Beaches

You will find a lot of terrific reasons to find a beach near you. Hanging out in the sun, swimming in the water, and creating memories with your family and friends to name a few.

Locating a beautiful swimming beach in Lexington-Fayette with lots of area for beach activities is easier than you think. The following is a list to help you find a beach near you. Search for the beach name, your city, or your zip code to get started.

Beaches Near Lexington-Fayette

Weather at Lexington-Fayette beaches can be rather unpredictible, so it is important to schedule your trip based on the weather.

Beaches could be temporarily closed due to water quality issues as a result of temporary occurances such as elevated bacteria levels, stormfall runoff, or algal blooms. Check the beach’s website before you go to the beach for more information.

Lexington-Fayette, KY Beach Rules

When you go to a beach in Lexington-Fayette, there are always rules that you should follow. Nearly all beaches will list the following rules.

  • You should always assume you’re swimming at your own risk, regardless if there is a lifeguard nearby.
  • never visit the beach when it’s closed.
  • Remember, if you take an object with you, you’re expected to clean up after yourself.
  • Look for signs for guidance on fires on the beach as they could be not permitted or you must adhere to strict fire rules.
  • Glass bottles can easily shatter, so don’t bring glass bottles to the beach.
  • You must swim within the permitted areas for swimming.

Lexington-Fayette Beach Travel Tips

  1. Pick Up Garbage. Do not be a part of the issue of litter on beaches. If you bring things to the beach, you should pick up your trash. Be sure to dispose of your garbage in a designated waste or recycling can.
  2. Protect your eyes. Too much exposure to the sun can cause permanent eye damage. Don’t be fooled by the weather – your eyes may become hurt from long-term exposure to the sun. Use a set of sunglasses with polarization and bring a sunhat for more protection.
  3. Will the beach have lifeguards? Many sizeable beaches in Lexington-Fayette will have a lifeguard around, however do not count on a lifeguard being there. While walking to the beach, check to see if there are beach warning signs. Occasionally they list lifeguard patrol hours.
  4. Alcohol. It is not permitted to drink alcohol at most beaches in Lexington-Fayette. Look at the website of the beach before packing any alcohol.
  5. Only swim in the roped off swimming space. If there is a designated swimming space it is probably not safe to venture beyond that region. The area may have dangerous objects under the surface, be frequented by watercraft, or is unsupervised by lifeguards.
  6. Rip tides. Rip tides aren’t on your mind if you want to visit a beach on a lake or river, but rip tides must be a major concern go to beach on the ocean or an area which has frequent rip tides. Pay attention to the warning signs and know how to escape if you’re caught in a rip tide.
  7. Remember extra clothing. Even if you are expecting hot weather in Lexington-Fayette, it is important to understand that the temperature at the beach can change rather fast. This is especially necessary if you’re planning on going in the water, so bring plenty of dry items including sweatshirts, towels, pants, and socks.