Best Beaches in Arizona

Arizona is home to one of the most diverse collections of beaches in North America. The state’s many long stretches of coastline along lakes and rivers span from the deep blue waters near Mexico to the pristine white sand found in Northern Arizona. From sun-drenched shores to secluded coves, Arizona beaches offer a variety of settings for your next vacation. With so many great places to visit, it’s hard to pick just one as “the best.” We have compiled a list of some of the most popular beaches according to both visitors and locals.

Lake Havasu State Park

The beautiful shoreline of Lake Havasu State Park is a beautiful spot to enjoy the many attractions it offers. Located near London Bridge, this location has easy access for water-based sports such as boating and fishing on one side with campsites just waiting for you in case your plans change or get interrupted! You’ll find three boat ramps at different distances from each other so there’s something available no matter what level player you are -or if none at all because these gorgeous beaches will do fine by themselves

Centennial Beach — Yuma

Centennial Beach is an excellent spot to spend the day with plenty of sand for picnics, castles and fun. The view out over the Colorado River makes it one can’t-miss destination in this area!

The 30-acre West Wetlands Park is a jewel and beloved by the citizens of Yuma, Arizona. The 110‐acre nature preserve features restored native trees with grasses on both sides for visitors to enjoy–a wide variety that includes oak trees as well! A walking path loops around three separate areas: one has an artificial lake complete with boat launch ramp near picnic sites overlooking it; another section contains memorials honoring those who have served our country in armed forces represented there too including statues representing Mormon Battalion or soldiers from other wars dating back centuries ago (many more historic markers can be found throughout these beautifully landscaped grounds).

Buckskin Mountain State Park

Buckskin Mountain State Park is a picturesque spot with lush forests, riverside walks and sandy beaches. It’s also home to some of Arizona’s most majestic mountains as well as California’s elegant coves! For those who want an adventure close up or just need time out from their daily routine, there are plenty fun water activities available in this state park that will suit any mood.