Best Beaches in Mississippi

If you’re looking for a day of relaxation and sun by the water, you know it can be hard to find the best places! Maybe you don’t want to drive too far or maybe your favorite beach is just getting too crowded. Luckily, we’ve done all the research into where’s good in Mississippi, so that you can pick your vacation spot to relax this summer.

Mississippi is a state with many beautiful beaches, but it’s not always easy to find them. These are some of Mississippi’s best-kept secrets for those looking for a serene tropical paradise.

Biloxi Beach

This beach offers gorgeous white sand and soft waves perfect for families to play in all day long. It’s also close to casinos and other attractions so there is plenty to do before or after your visit!

Ocean Springs Beach

This stretch of coastline features sugar-white sand that will leave you dreaming about it long after you leave. Stop by the nearby Walter Anderson Museum of Art while you’re here too!

Waveland Beach

This quiet stretch of beach is ideal for surfing and offers gorgeous views, particularly around sunset. It’s easy to find a spot along South Beach Boulevard, walk across the street to the beach, find shade under a palm tree, and enjoy the day. Originally designated as “Mississippi’s finest ocean-front protection against erosion,” in 1960 by then Governor Barnett, this beach has a history that is as interesting as its stark white sand and turquoise blue water. Visitors can still see the concrete slab of the Waveland pier, abandoned after Hurricane Camille in 1969, which today makes an excellent place for fishing.

Pascagoula Beach Park

This Park is located just east where the Pascagoula River flows into the gulf. The stretch of beach is large at nearly two miles long and offers plenty of picnic tables and grills. The 14 acre park has a playground, picnic pavilion, fishing pier, splash pad, and hiking trail. Parking can easily be found along Beach Boulevard – many locals like to drive up to the beach and watch the sun set in their cars.

Davis Bayous Area Gulf Islands National Seashore

While not your typical beach setting, the Davis Bayous Area Gulf Islands National Seashore is a National Park in Mississippi that’s well worth visiting to see the natural wildlife of Mississippi or to go on a hike. Located between Biloxi and Pascagoula, this national seashore stretches almost 50 miles along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. There are no swimming beaches here, but there are plenty of camping sites and a fishing pier.

Bay St. Louis

The city of Bay St. Louis is one of those places often overlooked as a vacation spot but has some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in all of Mississippi! Visitors can access several different pieces of public property for shoreline fishing, swimming, or sunbathing by driving through town and following the signs that point out turnoffs to private-access points where you can park your car and walk down to the water’s edge. There is also an accessible fishing pier with two sets of handicapped accessible stairs that lead down into the water.

Ship Island

You can get to this little island in just about half an hour if you take the ferry from Gulfport, Grand Bay, or Cat Point. There are restrooms, and gift shop, and food options on the island, but visitors should still come prepared with all necessary items. The Northern side of the island is home to Fort Massachusetts, a small and historic defense fort. Few people travel out to this large island that has miles of pristine white sand beaches that you can have all to yourself for the day.