Owensboro Beaches

You’ll discover a lot of good reasons to find a beach in your neck of the woods. Getting out in the open, enjoying the water, and spending quality time with your family and friends to name a few.

Locating a great swimming beach in Owensboro with lots of room for beach activities is easy. Below is a list to help you find a beach near you. Get started, by entering your zip code in the displayed box below.

Beaches Near Owensboro

Prior to going to a beach in Owensboro, KY or the surrounding location, verify on Google to make sure that the beach is open to the general public. Frequently beaches may only stay open for certain seasons of the calendar year or during certain times of the day.

The beach may be temporarily closed due to water quality issues caused by unexpected events like elevated bacteria levels, excessive rainwater, or flooding. Check the beach’s website before you go to the beach for updates on water quality.

Rules of the Beach

While different beaches in Owensboro may have different rules on how to attend their beach, you should expect to adhere to these common guidelines for every beach in Owensboro that you visit.

  • Any glass containers cannot be brought to beaches.
  • Look for signs for guidance on fires on the beach as they could be illegal or you have to follow strict fire rules.
  • Only swim inside the permitted areas for swimming.
  • Alcohol may not be permitted.
  • Only go to the beach when it is open.
  • Clean up after yourself.

Owensboro Beach Checklist

  1. Be ready for bugs. If you wish to go to the beach early in the day or the evening, there’s a decent chance that mosquitos, sand flies, beach hoppers and other annoying insects may cause a problem.
  2. Will there be a lifeguard? Most popular Owensboro beaches will have a lifeguard around, however you should never assume that a lifeguard being at the beach. If you worry about yourself, young kids or others that you will be swimming with, it’s a smart idea to take along correctly fitted Personal Floatation Devices for those who need them, and also know that you are swimming at your own risk.
  3. Remember extra clothing. Even if you’re expecting a hot day in Owensboro, you should know that the weather at the beach can change rather fast. It is especially necessary if you’re planning on going for a swim, so bring plenty of warm items such as a jacket, blankets, sweatpants, and shirts.
  4. Avoid Littering. Do not contribute to the problem of litter on beaches. Whenever you bring stuff to the beach, you should pick up your trash. Make sure to dispose of your litter in an appropriate trash or recycling receptacles.
  5. Sunscreen is extremely important. Pack sunscreen that is waterproof if you are planning on going in the water. It must be applied whenever you leave the water for the sunscreen to work.
  6. Bring a mesh bag for your stuff. It’s convenient to find a backpack, tote bag, or waterproof travel bag to stash beach items such as beach towels, buckets, tents, and Personal Flotation Devices. But these bags keep water from evaporating, leading to mildew problems and keeping beach items from drying out.
  7. Don’t forget the towels. Don’t forget to pack many dry towels before heading off for the beach. when visiting beach on the ocean or an area which experiences rip tides. Learn the indicators and know what to do if you are caught in a rip tide.
  8. Avoid crowded times. Arriving at the beach when it opens is the best way of avoiding people.