Best Beaches in Washington

Washington, the Evergreen State, is well known for its natural beauty, and that includes the beaches. Whether you’re looking to spend some time outdoors or you just need something different to do during your next vacation, beaches are a great destination for people of all ages.

There are hundreds of beaches located across the state of Washington, but we summarized a few beaches in particular that are worth a visit.

Best Beaches in Washington

Shoalwater Bay Beach Park

The largest beach in the area, located on the Long Beach Peninsula in Pacific County, Washington. This beach is six miles long and can accommodate thousands of people at a time due to the large space.

Moclips Beach

Moclips Beach in Grays Harbor County, Washington boasts gorgeous views of both the mountains and the sea. It is one of the most popular places on Earth for surfing, with waves up to 20 feet high! But even if you are not into surfing, it’s still worth checking out this fantastic place. The area around Moclips Beach is also filled with many nature trails which are nice for day hikes

Alki Beach

One of Seattle’s most popular beaches, located in West Seattle off Puget Sound. This beach has been described as one of the best in the country by many people including Forbes magazine which is something you might want to consider when making your travel plans if you’re looking at beaches in Washington state. In addition to its excellent views of Seattle’s skyline, you can also enjoy kayaking here as well as go swimming in the summer time! Alki Beach has something for everyone.

La Push

La Push is a popular spot for rock-climbing, kayaking, and fishing since it overlooks the Pacific Ocean in Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. It’s also home to some interesting history as well as beautiful nature views so this is one of those beaches that has something for everyone!

Twin Harbors Beach

A combination of two separate beaches near Westport, Washington: North and South Twin Harbors. This seemingly endless beach doubles as an excellent spot for surfing and fishing during low tide, or hiking and camping at high tide. There are even historic lighthouses near this beach that give off a nice atmosphere.

Clallam Bay

Clallam Bay in the northern Olympic Peninsula, near Port Angeles, Washington is an excellent spot for fishing and other beach activities. You can find rocks covered with sea stars in the tidal zone here, which makes this location particularly unique. There are also numerous trails nearby so it’s a nice place to visit if you have plenty of time on your hands.

Olympic National Park – Third Beach

Third Beach near La Push has a short hike down to reach it but this one is worth the work! As far as beaches go, this one has a really unique feel since it offers some amazing views of mountains and cliffs from above while still being a beach at the same time.

Cape Disappointment State Park

Cape Disappointment State Park is the closest spot to Vancouver, Washington that has a campground so it’s extremely popular among locals and visitors alike. The park has plenty of spots for hiking as well as being near a lighthouse which makes this one worth visiting!

Point No Point

Located on the northern tip of Kitsap Peninsula in Poulsbo, Washington, Point No Point offers something not many other beaches can – a historic cabin just feet from the sand! It also provides some decent views of Mount Rainier and Fort Ward Museum as well as offering an extensive view out over Admiralty Inlet (if you like sea life, that is!).

Westhaven State Park

This park near Olympia on the southern Puget Sound has a wonderful trail for hiking as well as some places to have a picnic. The views from this location are beautiful and it has a nice area with sand dunes so this one is worth checking out if you’re into beaches that have trails as well as sand dunes!

Illahee State Park

The northwestern part of Whidbey Island, just south of Deception Pass Bridge, looks toward Whidbey Island from Fidalgo Island. This beach boasts amazing views of both nature and history – it’s a great place to see wildlife or visit Doe Bay Village (a historic Scandinavian village) after having spent time on the beach.

Larrabee State Park

Located near Chuckanut Mountain in the Northern Puget Sound region, this state park is a short drive from Seattle and it’s quite popular among both Seattleites and San Franciscans, with many hiking trails and plenty of opportunities for bird watching (indeed, there’s an official birdwatching trail). While not technically a ‘beach’ per se, there are some interesting tidal pools here that offer up some great views!

Dosewallips State Park

This state park near Hood Canal provides incredible access to the water. In addition to being adjacent to Hood Canal itself, the park a trail that leads down to the water. In addition, there is a fairly interesting abandoned building nearby that you can visit if that sort of thing interests you.

Grayland Beach State Park

Grayland Beach State Park near Grayland in the southwest part of the state offers up some great views and recreation opportunities, including a bike trail and a tidal pool for kids to play in. It’s also a fairly popular surfing location in Washington!

Moclips Beach

Located in Moclips on the Pacific Coast near Hoquiam in southwestern Washington, this beach is huge and it’s one of the most popular spots for kite flying anywhere. In addition, it provides excellent views out over Ocosta Bay towards Grays Harbor Head Lighthouse which makes it worth visiting.

Fort Casey State Park

This location in Whidbey Island is located at the top of Puget Sound and it’s home to many trails as well as an old military fort. While not technically a ‘beach’ per se, there are some interesting tidal pools here that offer up some great views!

The Ruins of Fort Canby

Located at Cape Disappointment near Ilwaco on the southwest part of Washington state, this beach has tons of driftwood to observe if you’re into that sort of thing. It also offers great views out over the Pacific Ocean towards both Point Adams and Point Ellice.

The Dungeness Spit

The Dungeness Spit is an unusual feature – it’s actually a sand spit that extends about 6,000 feet out into the Strait of Juan de Fuca! It’s a picturesque location that offers visitors some great views, not just of the strait itself, but also towards Mount Baker in British Columbia.

San Juan County Park Beach

If you want to visit a more remote beach in Washington state that doesn’t have too many people around when you get there, this park near Lopez Island is one spot worth considering. It’s also not far from the iconic Cattle Point Lighthouse which makes for an interesting visit.

Stretch Point State Park

If you want to explore some tide pools, this is the place to go! Trails lead down to the beach and plenty of access points are available if you’re willing to hike a bit further inland. In addition, there are some great forests in the area with big trees that make for an interesting trek through nature.

Second Beach – Olympic National Park

This stretch of sand is part of Olympic National Park and while it does get crowded during high season, there’s more than enough room for everyone who wants to visit. The water here is especially clear and inviting and it’s definitely a good spot to stop if you’re traveling the Washington State coastline.

Oyhut Wildlife Recreation Area

Located just north of Ocean Shores which makes this location ideal for anyone who wants to visit both locations during their trip to Washington state, this beach has an interesting lagoon-like section with brackish water. In addition, there are some sections where aquatic life thrives so it’s a great place for fishing.

Gig Harbor

This quaint little town on the west coast of Washington state has a beach that has been ranked one of America’s best, so if you get here early enough to enjoy it without too many people around, you’re going to have a nice time! There are some great views here of Vashon Island and beyond.

Hobuck Beach

Located near Westport on Washington’s northern coast, Hobuck Beach is another very exciting destination thanks to its Wild Pacific Trail where you can kayak and more kayaking activities during your stay here The beaches here are rather unique as well so this is a great spot to check out!

Kopachuck State Park

This park offers access to both the Puget Sound and Puget Sound in addition to beaches along with a campground for those who wish to stay overnight in accommodations instead of their own tents or RVs. In addition to that, there are some nice views of the water and the mountains which make this a great destination for anyone who loves natural escapes!

Jackson’s Beach

Located on San Juan Island, this is another interesting coastal spot that you might want to visit if you are staying on the island for a few days. Not only does it offer some fine views of Mount Rainier but it also has plenty driftwood and a small dock for photo opportunities.