Wausau Junction Beaches

You will find a lot of terrific reasons to visit a beach in Wausau Junction, WI. Spending time splashing in the waves, grilling on the beach, throwing the frisbee, having a picnic, fishing, or simply getting a tan, beaches are a host to a wide range of awesome activities.

It is simple to locate a swimming beach in Wausau Junction that are fairly close to you with the help of our table of beaches. If you need some help with finding a beach near your location, then use our table below. Get started, by entering your zip code using the following box above the table.

Beaches Near Wausau Junction

The beach may be temporarily closed due to water quality issues as a result of unexpected events such as E. Coli outbreaks, pollution, or algal blooms. Review the website of the beach before going to the beach for water quality concerns.

Remember that the weather on the beach is very different than what you see in the city. Wind is usually stronger and unpredictible whenever it is coming onto a beach.

Wausau Junction, WI Beach Guidelines

Whenever you go to any beach in Wausau Junction, there are always rules that you should follow. Just about every beach will list the following laws.

  • Do not drop trash on the beach – Pack out everything you bring with you.
  • Alcohol is not allowed.
  • Most beaches in Wausau Junction have a curfew except for certain holidays.
  • Never swim outside of the swim area.
  • Never disobey an order from the lifeguard on duty. If they tell you to do something, then you must do it.
  • Any glass containers are prohibited on the beach.

Wausau Junction Beach Checklist

  1. Watch out for bugs. If you want to go to the beach early in the day or late in the day, you will find mosquitos, biting flies, fleas and other annoying bugs could ruin your beach experience.
  2. Bring spare towels. Clean towels are a necessity for a fun beach experience. Make sure to bring at least two towels per person – the first for drying off and the other as a backup.
  3. Don’t Litter. No one enjoys go to a dirty beach. When you bring stuff to the beach, you should clean up your garbage. Be sure to throw away your garbage in a designated trash or recycling bin.
  4. Kids may need life jackets. Safety is your number one thought in your mind when you are at the beach. Little kids or those who needs help with swimming needs to use a life jacket.
  5. Know the policy on alcohol. It is not allowed to consume alcoholic drinks at most beaches in Wausau Junction. Look at the website of the beach prior to bringing any booze.
  6. Will there be a lifeguard? Most frequently visited beaches in Wausau Junction will have a lifeguard on duty, however do not assume that a lifeguard being at the beach. While walking to the beach, check to see if there are beach warning signs. Occasionally they list lifeguard patrol hours.
  7. Bring enough layers. Everyone knows that the weather in Wausau Junction will change with no warning. This is particularly necessary if you’re planning on going for a swim, so pack enough warm items including sweatshirts, blankets, pants, and socks.
  8. Bring sunglasses. Too much time in the sun may cause irreversible vision damage. Even if it is a partly cloudy day, bright water and sand can reflect light back towards your eyes. Bring a set of sunglasses with sps protection and take a hat for additional protection.