Pinehurst Beaches

You’ll find many good reasons to go to a a beach in your area. Spending time swimming, building sandcastles, throwing the frisbee, flying a kite, fishing, or just soaking up the sun, beaches are a home to many different fantastic activities.

Finding a beautiful swimming beach in Pinehurst with plenty of space for beach activities isn’t hard. Below is a list to help you find a beach near Pinehurst. Begin, by entering a zip code in the following box above the table.

Pinehurst Beaches

Weather at Pinehurst beaches is often rather unpredictible, so it is important for you to schedule your outing according to the weather.

Before going to a beach in Pinehurst, WI or the surrounding area, check online to make sure that it is open to the general public. It’s common that beaches will only remain open for specific months of the calendar year or for specific hours of the day.

Rules of the Beach

When you go to a beach in Pinehurst, there are always guidelines that you must follow. Just about all beaches will expect you to follow these rules:

  • Do not venture outside of the swim area.
  • You should always assume you are entering the water at your own risk, even if there’s a lifeguard on duty.
  • Always listen to the lifeguard on duty. If they tell you to get out of the water, then you must follow through.
  • Glass bottles can easily break, so don’t take glass bottles to beaches.
  • Don’t leave trash on the ground – Take with you what you bring with you.
  • Just about all Pinehurst beaches have curfews except for certain holidays.

Pinehurst Beach Travel Tips

  1. Be ready for insects. If you plan on going to the beach early in the day or late in the day, there’s a decent chance that mosquitos, sand flies, fleas and other nuisance bugs could ruin your experience at the beach.
  2. Protect your eyes. Too much sunlight can result in permanent vision damage. Don’t be misguided by how many clouds are in the sky – your vision could become damaged by long-term time in the sun. Wear good sunglasses with polarized lenses and take a sunhat for further shade.
  3. Sunscreen is a necessity. Even when the weather forecast says it won’t be sunny you should always use your sunscreen – because you can get sunburned even when it is not sunny.
  4. Know if there are porta-potties. Restroom locations are likely the least of your worries when you plan your beach trip. However no one wants to be stuck in a spot when you gotta find a restroom pronto but there isn’t one available. If you’re unable to locate bathroom information on the beach’s website, you can assume that a public bathroom or porta potty isn’t available. Make sure you use the bathroom prior to driving to the beach.
  5. Avoid crowded times. It can be challenging to find a parking spot at many beaches in Pinehurst. Getting there as early as possible will help you locate a nearby place to park your car and the perfect place to lay your down your towel.
  6. Don’t swim outside of the specified swim region. If there’s a specified swimming area it is likely not safe to venture outside of the space. There could be dangerous objects under the water, be frequented by boaters, or is unmonitored by lifeguards.
  7. Will the beach have lifeguards? Many frequently visited Pinehurst beaches will have a lifeguard supervising, however do not count on a lifeguard being at the beach. If you have yourself, little kids or others that you bringing to the beach, it is a smart idea to pack properly fitted life vests for anoyone who need them, and also know that you’re entering the water at your own risk.