Oshkosh Beaches

You will discover a lot of terrific reasons to visit a beach in Oshkosh, WI. Hanging out in the sun, splashing in the water, and spending quality time with your family and friends are some examples.

Finding the perfect swimming beach in Oshkosh with lots of space for beach activities is not too difficult. If you need some guidance with locating a great beach in your area, you can locate a beach using our collection. Get started, by entering your zip code in the displayed box above the table.

Beaches Near Oshkosh

Beaches may be temporarily closed because of water quality issues caused by temporary occurances like elevated bacteria levels, pollution, or flooding. Check the website of the beach before you leave for the beach for more information.

Remember to look up the Oshkosh weather forecast for today before heading off for to the beach. Checking the weather helps make sure that you pack the proper layers for the beach and you will also known when it’s time to leave.

Oshkosh, WI Beach Guidelines

While different beaches in Oshkosh may have various rules on how to attend their beach, be prepared to follow the following guidelines for any beach in Oshkosh that you attend.

  • Never disobey an order from the lifeguard on duty. If the lifeguard tell you to get out of the water, then you must do it.
  • Do not drink alcohol at the beach.
  • Even if the lifeguard is supervising the beach, understand that you are entering the water at your own risk.
  • Do not go to the beach whenever it is not open.
  • Bottles made of glass can easily break, so avoid bringing glass bottles to beaches.
  • Look for signs for guidance on beach fires because they could be not permitted or you have to adhere to specific guidelines.

Oshkosh Beach Travel Tips

  1. Remember extra clothing. It’s common knowledge that the weather in Oshkosh often changes on a moment’s notice. It is especially necessary if you are wanting to go swimming, so bring enough warm items including sweatshirts, towels, windbreakers, and socks.
  2. Protect your skin. Put on sunscreen whenever you get to the beach. Also, sunscreen can expire over time so check the the bottle for when it expires.
  3. Don’t Litter. Do not contribute to the problem of trash on beaches. When you take things to the beach, you are expected pick up collect your something. Make sure that you toss out your garbage in a designated waste or recycling bin.
  4. Remember Personal Flotation Devices for the children. Safety should be the top priority when you are at the beach. Little kiddos or those who has a tough time swimming solo should use a Personal Flotation Device.
  5. Get there early. It can be difficult to find parking at some beaches in Oshkosh. Arriving early will ensure that you locate a good place to park and a great place to lay your down your towel.
  6. Grab some shade. If you think that locating shade may be tough, or if you know that there probably will not be too many shady areas at the beach, bring your own! Bring a beach umbrella, shaded tent, or similar equipment that provides shade. Be sure that you bring something that has good air ventilation.
  7. Protect your eyes. Too much sunlight can cause long-lasting eye damage. Do not be misguided by how many clouds there are – your eyes may be damaged by too much exposure to the sun. Pick high quality sunglasses that have polarization and bring a hat for further shade.