Columbia Beaches

Going to a beach in Columbia, SC can result in a fantastic day and has many perks for yourself and your loved ones. Spending time swimming, grilling on the beach, playing volleyball, flying a kite, going on walks, or just getting a tan, beaches are a home for many different amazing activities.

Locating a great swimming beach in Columbia with lots of room for beach activities is not hard. If you could use some guidance with locating a fantastic beach in your area, then use our table below. Enter a beach, a city, or your zip code to get started.

Columbia Beaches

Beaches could be periodically shut down because of water quality concerns as a result of temporary occurances such as bacteria, excessive rainwater, or flooding. Review the website of the beach before leaving for the beach for updates on water quality.

Remember that the weather on the beach is usually different than in the city. Wind is usually colder and gusty when it’s coming onto the beach.

Columbia, SC Beach Guidelines

While each beach in Columbia may have various guidelines for attending their beach, prepare to follow these common rules for every beach in Columbia that you visit:

  • Any glass containers are prohibited on beaches.
  • You should always know that you are swimming at your own risk, even if there is a lifeguard at attention.
  • Only go to the beach when it is open.
  • Do not drop trash on the ground – Take with you what you pack in.
  • Do not venture beyond the swimming region.
  • Look for signs for guidance on beach fires because they could be not permitted or you must follow strict guidelines.

Columbia Beach Travel Tips

  1. Bring enough layers. Even if you are expecting warm weather at the beach, it’s important to understand that the weather at the beach can change rather fast. It’s particularly important if you are wanting to go in the water, so bring plenty of warm clothes such as sweatshirts, towels, windbreakers, and a hat.
  2. Don’t forget the towels. Fresh towels are necessary for a great time at the beach. This is really important if you’re bringing young children with you or if you’re thinking of getting in the water.
  3. Is there a lifeguard on duty? Most large beaches in Columbia staff a lifeguard supervising, however do not assume that a lifeguard being in attendance. On your way to the beach, look around to see if there are beach warning signs. Sometimes they display lifeguard hours.
  4. Dispose of Garbage. No one likes to spend the day at a dirty beach. If you take things to the beach, you are expected pick up not leave anything behind. Be sure that you throw away your litter in a designated trash or recycling receptacles.
  5. Avoid crowded times. Arriving at the beach early is the best way to avoid people.
  6. Bring the proper sunscreen. Nothing can ruin a day at the beach like a sun burn, so remember the sunscreen. Ask a friend to apply sunscreen with difficult to reach places.
  7. Bring a mesh bag for your stuff. It’s easy to grab a backpack, grocery bag, or water-resistant duffle bag to store beach gear like towels, water toys, tents, and Personal Flotation Devices. But these bags keep water from evaporating, causing mold problems and keeping beach gear from airing out.