Shawnee Beaches

Going to a beach in Shawnee, OK can result in a fun-filled day and has plenty of benefits for yourself and your loved ones. Whether you plan to go splashing in the waves, grilling on the beach, throwing the frisbee, flying a kite, fishing, or simply catching some rays, beaches are a home for many different awesome activities.

You can discover several swimming beaches in Shawnee that are fairly close to you with the assistance of our table of beaches. Below is a collection to help you search for a beach close to Shawnee. Get started, by entering a zip code using the following box below.

Shawnee Beaches

Prior to going to a beach in Shawnee, OK or a nearby region, verify on the beach’s website to make sure that the beach is free to the greater public. Don’t be surprised if the beach you wish to visit is closed due to their daily hours, being closed on certain days, or seasonality.

The beach could be temporarily closed because of water quality issues caused by temporary occurances like bacteria, stormfall runoff, or algal blooms. Check the beach’s website before leaving for the beach for further information.

Shawnee, OK Beach Guidelines

When you visit any beach in Shawnee, there are always guidelines that you must follow. Just about all beaches will list the following rules.

  • Never swim beyond the swim region.
  • Even if the lifeguard is nearby, know that you are entering the water at risk to yourself.
  • Always listen to the lifeguard on duty. If the lifeguard tell you to do something, then you have to do it.
  • Look for signs for guidance on fires on the beach because they could be illegal or you have to follow specific guidelines.
  • Bottles made of glass can easily shatter, so avoid bringing glass bottles to the beach.
  • Only go to the beach during specified hours.

Shawnee Beach Tips

  1. Pick Up Garbage. Nothing is as bad spend the day at a trash filled beach. If you bring something to the beach, you are expected clean up not leave anything behind. Be sure that you toss out your litter in an appropriate waste or recycling receptacles.
  2. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Even when the weather forecast says it won’t be sunny it’s important to always use sunscreen – it is always possible to get a bad sunburn even on cloudy days.
  3. Find some shade. If you know that finding shade will be hard to come by, or if you know that there likely won’t be many shady spots around, pack your own shade! Use a beach umbrella, pop up tent, or similar equipment that blocks sunlight. Be sure that you use something that provides enough ventilation.
  4. Only swim in the roped off swimming area. If there is a designated swimming region it is probably dangerous to swim beyond the area. The area may have hazardous objects under the water, be assigned to watercraft, or is not supervised by a lifeguard.
  5. Avoid the crowds. Shawnee beaches can get crowded, especially on weekends in the summer. Try to arrive at the beach before peak time if possible.
  6. Prepare for cold weather. Everyone knows that the temperature in Shawnee can change rather fast. It is especially important if you are planning on going in the water, so bring extra warm items including sweaters, blankets, pants, and a hat.
  7. Know if there are porta-potties. Restroom details may be the last thing on your mind when you plan your beach visit. But no one wishes to be caught in a situation where you have to find a bathroom immediately but there isn’t one in sight. If you cannot find bathroom details on the website of the beach, then you should plan on the fact that a public bathroom or facility is not open. Make sure that you go to the bathroom before leaving for the beach.
  8. Remember the towels. Don’t forget to bring plenty of dry towels prior to going to the beach. when visiting an ocean beach or an area that sees rip tides. Pay attention to the indicators and know what to do if you are stuck in a rip tide.