Enid Beaches

Heading out to a beach in Enid, OK can turn into a fun-filled adventure and has plenty of perks for you and your friends. Spending time swimming, grilling on the beach, playing volleyball, having a picnic, fishing, or simply soaking up the sun, beaches are a host for a wide range of awesome activities.

Finding a great swimming beach in Enid with plenty of area for activities on the beach is fairly straightforward. The following is a list to help you search for a beach near Enid. Begin, by entering your zip code using the displayed box above the table.

Beaches Near Enid

Prior to heading out to a beach in Enid, OK or the surrounding place, verify on Google to make sure that it is free to the public. Do not be shocked if a beach you want to visit is closed due to the time you get there, being closed on certain days, or the season.

Always check the Enid weather forecast for the day before you head off to the beach. This ensures that you pack the right clothes for the conditions and you will also known the best time to leave.

Enid, OK Beach Guidelines

While different beaches in Enid will have conflicting guidelines for using the beach, prepare to follow the following rules for any beach in Enid that you go to.

  • Don’t drink alcohol at the beach.
  • Never disobey a request from the lifeguard on duty. If the lifeguard ask you to get out of the water, then you have to do it.
  • You should always be aware that you are entering the water at your own risk, even if there’s a lifeguard on duty.
  • Just about all beaches in Enid have curfews except for special occasions.
  • You must swim inside the designated regions for swimming.
  • Glass bottles can easily break, so avoid bringing bottles made of glass to beaches.

Enid Beach Tips

  1. Protect your skin. Put on your sunscreen when you arrive to the beach. Also, sunscreen will expire eventually so check the side of the bottle for when it expires.
  2. Remember extra clothing. It’s common knowledge that the weather in Enid changes quite quickly. It is particularly necessary if you are planning on going in the water, so pack enough warm clothes like sweaters, blankets, sweatpants, and socks.
  3. Check the bathroom situation. Bathroom locations may be the least of your worries before you plan out your beach trip. However you never want to be caught in a situation when you have to go to the restroom soon but you can’t find one available. If you cannot locate restroom information on the beach’s website, you should plan on the fact that a public bathroom or facility isn’t open. Try to use the bathroom prior to leaving for the beach.
  4. Will there be a lifeguard? Most sizeable Enid beaches staff a lifeguard on duty, however do not assume that a lifeguard being there. On your walk to the beach, search for beach warning signs. Occasionally they display lifeguard hours.
  5. Always stay in the roped off swimming space. If there’s a designated swimming region it is likely not safe to venture beyond the region. The area may have hazardous objects under the water, be reserved for boaters, or is not monitored by lifeguards.
  6. Keep items dry. It may be simple to grab a backpack, tote bag, or waterproof duffle bag to stash beach necessities such as pillows, shovels, flotation devices, and snorkeling equipment. However, these bags keep water from escaping, causing mildew growth and keeping beach essentials from drying out.
  7. Bring plenty of towels. Remember to take quite a few fresh towels before heading off for the beach. Make sure to pack at least 2 towels for each person – one for drying off and the other for everything else.
  8. Avoiding rip tides. Rip tides are not on your mind if you’re wanting to go to a beach on a small lake, but rip tides deserve a lot of attention if you want to visit beach on the ocean or a large lake that experiences rip tides. Pay attention to the warning signs and learn how to survive if you are stuck in one.