Columbus Beaches

There are many excellent reasons to visit a beach in Columbus, OH. Whether you plan to go swimming, grilling on the beach, throwing the frisbee, having a picnic, fishing, or simply soaking up the sun, beaches are a host to a wide range of fantastic activities.

It’s easy to find a swimming beach in Columbus that are near your location with the assistance of our table of beaches. If you need some guidance with searching for a beach in your area, then find one with the table below. Get started, by entering a zip code using the following search box above the table.

Columbus Beaches

The beach could be periodically closed because of water quality concerns as a result of temporary occurances such as elevated bacteria levels, pollution, or algal blooms. Check the beach’s website before going to the beach for updates on water quality.

Most beaches in Columbus, OH will be accessible for the public, however many are closed to the public. Be sure to look at their website to find out if it’s possible to go to the beach without any restrictions. Fairly often, beaches may only stay open during specific seasons of the calendar year or for certain hours throughout the day.

Rules of the Beach

When you visit any beach in Columbus, there are always rules that you must follow. Nearly every beach will post the following guidelines.

  • Check online for guidance on beach fires because they could be illegal or you must follow strict guidelines.
  • Never disobey an order from the lifeguard on duty. If they tell you to get out of the water, then you must do it.
  • Alcoholic beverages is not allowed.
  • Clean up all trash that you brought with you.
  • Just about all Columbus beaches have curfews except for certain holidays.
  • Stay within the specified swim region.

Columbus Beach Travel Tips

  1. Will there be a lifeguard? Most popular Columbus beaches staff a lifeguard on duty, however you shouldn’t count on a lifeguard being there. While walking to the beach, look around to see if there are beach warning signs. Sometimes they display lifeguard hours.
  2. Pick Up Garbage. No one enjoys visit a filty beach. If you take items to the beach, you are expected clean up after yourself. Be sure to toss out your litter in an appropriate trash or recycling bin.
  3. Get there early. Getting to the beach when it opens is the best way of getting the perfect spot on the beach.
  4. Insects like the beach too. If you want to visit the beach early in the day or the evening, you should anticipate that mosquitos, horse flies, beach hoppers and other annoying bugs could be an issue.
  5. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Nothing can ruin a day at the beach like a sun burn, so remember the sunscreen. Ask a friend to apply sunscreen with difficult to reach places.
  6. Bring enough layers. Even if you are expecting a warm day in Columbus, it’s important to know that the temperature in Columbus can change very quickly. This is especially necessary if you’re planning on going for a swim, so bring enough dry clothes including a jacket, towels, pants, and shirts.
  7. Are there public restrooms. Restroom details are probably the last thing on your mind before you plan out your beach trip. But nobody wishes to be caught in a spot where you have to find a bathroom soon but there isn’t one nearby. If you cannot locate bathroom details on the website of the beach, you should plan on the fact that a public bathroom or porta potty is not available. Make sure you use the bathroom prior to leaving for the beach.