Gastonia Beaches

You’ll discover plenty of excellent reasons to head out to a a beach near you. Spending time in the sun, enjoying the water, and spending quality time with your family and friends are a few examples.

It’s easy to find a swimming beach in Gastonia that are are within a short drive with the help of our table of beaches. Below is a list to help you locate a beach close to Gastonia. Begin, by entering your zip code in the following box below.

Beaches Near Gastonia

Most beaches in Gastonia, NC are open for the public, however some are closed to the public. You should check the beach’s website to see if it’s possible to go to the beach without any restrictions. Frequently beaches may only stay open for certain times of the year or for certain times of the day.

If areas around Gastonia have experienced an excessive amount of rainfall, blocked sewage drains, or stormfall runoff lately, it can result in dangerous water quality levels. Be sure you visit the beach’s website for information regarding water quality notices.

Gastonia, NC Beach Guidelines

While different beaches in Gastonia will use different rules for using their beach, you should expect to listen to the following guidelines for any beach in Gastonia that you visit:

  • Never disobey a request from the lifeguard on duty. If they tell you to stop doing something, then you must follow through.
  • Don’t drop garbage on the ground – Take with you what you pack in.
  • Alcohol is not permitted.
  • Building a fire may not be allowed on most public beaches in Gastonia.
  • Do not attempt to visit the beach when it’s not open.
  • Only swim within the designated regions for beach goers.

Gastonia Beach Checklist

  1. Bring spare towels. Dry towels are a necessity for a fun time at the beach. when visiting an ocean beach or an area that sees rip tides. Pay attention to the indicators and learn how to survive if you are caught in a rip tide.
  2. Is there a lifeguard on duty? Many frequently visited beaches in Gastonia will have a lifeguard around, however you should never assume that a lifeguard being in attendance. If you are concerned about yourself, young kids or others that you are swimming with, it’s a great idea to bring correctly fitted life vests for anoyone who need them, and also know that you are swimming at your own risk.
  3. Don’t swim outside of the specified swimming region. If there is a designated swim space it is probably dangerous to venture beyond the region. The area may have sharp objects under the water, be frequented by watercraft, or is unsupervised by lifeguards.
  4. Check the restroom situation. Bathroom locations could be the last thing on your mind when you plan your beach trip. But no one wishes to be caught in a spot when you have to go to the bathroom soon but there isn’t one open. If you cannot find restroom information on the beach’s website, then you should plan on the fact that a public bathroom or facility is not available. Try to go to the bathroom prior to leaving for the beach.
  5. Be ready for bugs. If you plan on going to the beach in the morning or late in the day, you will find mosquitos, biting flies, fleas and other nuisance bugs could cause a problem.
  6. Avoid the crowds. Gastonia beaches will get crowded, particularly on summer weekends. Be sure to get there before noon if you can.
  7. Bring plenty of layers. Even if you are expecting hot weather at the beach, you should understand that the temperature in Gastonia can change rather fast. It’s especially necessary if you’re wanting to go in the water, so bring enough warm clothes such as sweatshirts, towels, pants, and shirts.