Riverdale Beaches

You’ll discover a lot of terrific reasons to go to a a beach in Riverdale, NY. Whether you plan to go splashing in the waves, building sandcastles, throwing the frisbee, having a picnic, fishing, or simply soaking up the sun, beaches are a source to a wide range of amazing activities.

It’s easy to find a swimming beach in Riverdale that are somewhat close to you with the assistance of our table of beaches. If you could use some guidance with locating a beach near your location, then use our list below. Enter a beach, your city, or your zip code to find beaches.

Beaches Near Riverdale

Keep in mind that the weather on the beach is very different than in the city. Wind can be stronger and unpredictible when it is coming onto the beach.

In the event of a great deal of rainfall, flooding, or stormwater pollution over the past few days, it may impact water quality levels. Make sure to check out the website of the beach for details regarding water quality closings.

Riverdale, NY Beach Rules

Whenever you visit beaches in Riverdale, there are always guidelines that you must follow. Nearly every beach will expect you to follow these rules.

  • Glass bottles can easily shatter, so avoid bringing bottles made of glass to beaches.
  • Don’t drop trash on the ground – Pack out what you pack in.
  • Do not bring alcohol to the beach.
  • Building a fire could be illegal on most public beaches in Riverdale.
  • Just about all Riverdale beaches have curfews with the exception for special occasions.
  • Never disobey an order from the lifeguard on duty. If the lifeguard tell you to do something, then you have to do it.

Riverdale Beach Checklist

  1. Arrive early. Beaches in Riverdale can get crowded, especially on weekends in the summer. Try to get there before the crowds show up if possible.
  2. Keep items dry. It may be simple to grab a purse, tote bag, or waterproof duffle bag to stash beach necessities such as beach towels, shovels, flotation devices, and Personal Flotation Devices. But these types of bags trap water from evaporating, causing mold problems and keeping beach essentials from airing out.
  3. Dispose of Garbage. Nothing is as bad go to a dirty beach. When you take items to the beach, you are expected pick up after yourself. Be sure to dispose of your trash in an appropriate waste or recycling can.
  4. Where are the public restrooms. Restroom details are probably the last thing on your mind when you plan your beach trip. However you don’t want to be caught in a situation where you gotta find a restroom pronto but there isn’t one in sight. If you’re unable to find bathroom details on the website of the beach, then you should assume that a public restroom or porta potty isn’t available. Try to go to the bathroom before leaving for the beach.
  5. Know the alcohol policy. For many Riverdale beaches alcohol is not permitted don’t permit alcoholic drinks. If you are unsure, leave your alcohol behind.
  6. Don’t swim beyond the designated swim region. If there is a ropped off swim region it is likely unsafe to swim outside of that area. There could be sharp objects under the surface, be assigned to watercraft, or is unmonitored by a lifeguard.
  7. Is there a lifeguard on duty? Most sizeable beaches in Riverdale will have a lifeguard on duty, however you shouldn’t assume that a lifeguard being at the beach. On your way to the beach, look for beach warning signs. Sometimes they display lifeguard patrol times.
  8. Avoiding rip tides. This could not be on your mind if you want to go to beaches on a small lake, but rip tides deserve a considerable of attention go to beach on the ocean or a large body of water which has frequent rip tides. Learn the warning signs and learn what to do if you’re stuck in one.