Elmhurst Beaches

You’ll find plenty of terrific reasons to find a beach in Elmhurst, NY. Spending time splashing in the waves, grilling on the beach, throwing the frisbee, having a picnic, fishing, or simply soaking up the sun, beaches are a host to many different fun activities.

You can discover several swimming beaches in Elmhurst that are fairly close to you with the help of our list of beaches. Below is a collection to help you search for a beach near Elmhurst. Enter the beach name, your city, or your zip code to find beaches.

Elmhurst Beaches

The beach may be temporarily shut down due to water quality concerns caused by temporary occurances such as bacteria, pollution, or chemical spills. Check the beach’s website before leaving for the beach for water quality updates.

Prior to going to a beach in Elmhurst, NY or a nearby region, verify on Google to be sure that it is free to the general public. Frequently beaches will only remain open during certain months of the calendar year or for certain hours throughout the day.

Elmhurst, NY Beach Rules

While different beaches in Elmhurst will use unique rules on how to use the beach, prepare to follow these common rules for every beach in Elmhurst that you attend.

  • Don’t go beyond the swim region.
  • Check online for guidance on fires on the beach as they could be not permitted or you have to adhere to strict guidelines.
  • Always listen to the lifeguard on duty. If the lifeguard tell you to do something, then you must do it.
  • Glass bottles can easily break, so avoid bringing bottles made of glass to beaches.
  • You should always assume you are entering the water at your own risk, regardless if there’s a lifeguard on duty.
  • Alcoholic beverages is not permitted.

Elmhurst Beach Travel Tips

  1. Bring life vests for the kids. Safety is the number one priority when you are at the beach. Young children or those who needs help with swimming should use a life jacket.
  2. Bring sunglasses. Too much time in the sun may cause long-lasting damage to your eyes. Don’t be misinformed by how many clouds are in the sky – your vision could become damaged from long-term exposure to the sun. Use good sunglasses with sps protection and pack a hat for further shade.
  3. Know the alcohol policy. For most Elmhurst beaches alcohol is not permitted don’t permit the consumption of alcohol. If you are not sure, leave the booze at home.
  4. Bring spare towels. Don’t forget to bring quite a few beach towels before leaving for the beach. Make sure to bring at a minimum two towels for each person – one for water uses and the second for reserve.
  5. Rip tides. This may not be on your mind if you want to go to beaches on a lake or river, but rip tides must be a cause for concern if you want to visit an ocean beach or an area that sees rip tides. Learn the warning signs and learn what to do if you are caught in one.
  6. Pick Up Garbage. Don’t be a part of the issue of garbage on the beach. Whenever you bring something to the beach, you must pick up collect your items. Make sure that you toss out your garbage in a designated trash or recycling receptacles.
  7. Avoid the crowds. Arriving at the beach when it opens is the best way of avoiding crowds.