East Flatbush Beaches

There are a lot of terrific reasons to go to a a beach in your neck of the woods. Hanging out in the sun, splashing in the water, and spending quality time with your family and friends are some examples.

Locating a beautiful swimming beach in East Flatbush with plenty of room for beach activities is fairly straightforward. The following is a list to help you find a beach close to East Flatbush. Get started, by entering your zip code using the displayed box below.

Beaches Near East Flatbush

Most beaches in East Flatbush, NY will be accessible to everyone but many are on private property. Be sure to check the beach’s website to see if it’s possible to go to the beach without breaking any rules. Frequently beaches may only remain open during specific times of the calendar year or during certain times throughout the day.

Remember to check the East Flatbush weather forecast for the day before heading off for to the beach. This ensures that you pack the right layers for the beach and you will also known when it’s time to leave.

Rules of the Beach

Whenever you go to a beach in East Flatbush, there are always rules that you should follow. Nearly all beaches will post the following rules.

  • Remember, if you take something with you, you are required to clean up after yourself.
  • Only go to the beach when it is open.
  • Glass bottles can easily shatter, so don’t bring bottles made of glass to the beach.
  • You should always be aware that you are swimming at your own risk, regardless if there’s a lifeguard nearby.
  • Never disobey an order from the lifeguard on duty. If they tell you to do something, then you must do it.
  • Do not go beyond the swimming region.

East Flatbush Beach Tips

  1. Get there early. Getting to your East Flatbush beach when it opens is the best way of avoiding crowds.
  2. Get out the sun. If you think that finding a shady area could be difficult, or if you suspect that there likely will not be too many shady areas around, pack your own! Use a beach umbrella, shaded tent, or similar equipment that blocks sunlight. It’s best to bring equipment that has enough air-flow.
  3. Always stay in the specified swimming area. If there’s a specified swim region it is likely unsafe to venture outside of that space. The area may have dangerous objects under the water, be frequented by boaters, or is unmonitored by a lifeguard.
  4. Keep the insects away. If you plan on going to the beach early in the day or the evening, you should anticipate that mosquitos, biting flies, beach hoppers and other nuisance bugs could ruin your beach experience.
  5. Sunscreen is a necessity. Even if the weather forecast does not predict sun play it safe and always bring sunscreen – it’s always possible to get sunburned even on cloudy days.
  6. Bring spare towels. Remember to pack many fresh towels prior to heading off to the beach. when visiting beach on the ocean or a large lake that sees rip tides. Learn the indicators and learn how to survive if you’re caught in a rip tide.
  7. Know if there are bathrooms. Bathroom locations may be the last thing on your mind when you plan out your beach visit. However nobody wants to be stuck in a spot when you must find a restroom immediately but you can’t find one open. If you’re unable to find restroom information on the beach’s website, you should assume that a public restroom or facility isn’t available. Try to go to the bathroom prior to leaving for the beach.