Farmington Beaches

There are many excellent reasons to go to a a beach in Farmington, NM. Regardless of the activity – splashing in the waves, grilling on the beach, throwing the frisbee, flying a kite, fishing, or simply catching some rays, beaches are a source for a wide range of fantastic activities.

You can discover several swimming beaches in Farmington that are are within a quick drive with the assistance of our list of beaches. The following is a list to help you find a beach near Farmington. Begin, by entering your zip code using the displayed search box below.

Farmington Beaches

Weather at Farmington beaches is often unpredictible, so it is necessary for you to schedule your outing accordingly.

Prior to going to a beach in Farmington, NM or a nearby region, verify on Google to be sure that it is free to the public. Frequently beaches may only remain open for certain times of the calendar year or for specific hours of the day.

Farmington, NM Beach Guidelines

When you visit any beach in Farmington, there are always guidelines that you must follow. Nearly every beach will expect you to follow these rules.

  • All glass containers cannot be brought to the beach.
  • You should always understand you’re swimming at your own risk, even if there is a lifeguard nearby.
  • Do not venture outside of the swimming region.
  • Pick up all trash that you bring to the beach.
  • Fires may not be permitted on most public Farmington beaches.
  • Always listen to the lifeguard on duty. If the lifeguard tell you to stop doing something, then you must follow through.

Farmington Beach Tips

  1. Pick Up Trash. It is not enjoyable to visit a dirty beach. When you take something to the beach, you should clean up not leave anything behind. Make sure to toss out your litter in an appropriate trash or recycling can.
  2. Watching out for rip currents. This could not be an important consideration if you plan to visit beaches on a small lake, however rip tides deserve a great deal of thought if you want to visit an ocean beach or an area that has frequent rip tides. Pay attention to the indicators and learn what to do if you are stuck in a rip tide.
  3. Find some shade. If you know that finding a shady spot may be tough, or if you think that there probably won’t be too many shady spots around, pack your own! Bring a beach umbrella, pop up beach tent, or some sort of equipment that provides shade. It’s best to bring something that provides great ventilation.
  4. Is there a lifeguard on duty? Most frequently visited Farmington beaches will have a lifeguard on duty, however do not assume that a lifeguard being present. While walking to the beach, look around to see if there are lifeguard on duty signs. Occasionally they display lifeguard hours.
  5. Bring enough layers. Even if you are anticipating a hot day in Farmington, it is important to realize that the weather in Farmington can change very quickly. It is particularly necessary if you’re planning on going in the water, so pack enough warm items such as sweaters, towels, sweatpants, and a hat.
  6. Keep items dry. It’s easy to grab a purse, tote bag, or water-resistant duffle bag to stash beach items like towels, buckets, flotation devices, and spare clothes. But these types of bags trap water from evaporating, leading to mildew problems or just keeping beach gear from drying out.
  7. Bring plenty of sunscreen. Apply sunscreen whenever you get to the beach. Also, sunscreen does expire eventually so look at the the bottle for the expiration date.
  8. Bring sunglasses. Too much sun can cause long-lasting eye damage. Even if it is a partly cloudy day, reflective sand and water can reflect UV rays back into your eyes. Wear high quality sunglasses with sps protection and bring a hat for more protection.