Saint Joseph Beaches

Going to a beach in Saint Joseph, MO can turn into a fun-filled adventure and has plenty of perks for yourself and your family. Getting outside in the open, floating in the water, and spending quality time with your friends and family to name a few.

You can discover several swimming beaches in Saint Joseph that are are within a quick drive with the help of our table of beaches. If you could use some assistance with finding a fantastic beach near your location, then find one using our table below. Get started, by entering a zip code using the following box above the table.

Beaches Near Saint Joseph

If areas around Saint Joseph have seen an excessive amount of rainfall, flooding, or stormfall runoff lately, it may result in dangerous water quality levels. Make sure to visit the beach’s website for details regarding water quality warnings.

Most beaches in Saint Joseph, MO are open to everyone, however many are private beaches. Be sure to look at the beach’s website to see if you can visit the beach without any restrictions. Do not be shocked if the beach you wish to visit is closed due to their daily hours, being closed on certain days, or closing during the winter.

Rules of the Beach

While different beaches in Saint Joseph will use various guidelines on how to attend their beach, be prepared to listen to the following rules for every beach in Saint Joseph that you attend:

  • Bottles made from glass can easily break, so don’t bring glass bottles to the beach.
  • never visit the beach whenever it’s closed.
  • Never disobey a request from the lifeguard on duty. If the lifeguard tell you to do something, then you have to follow through.
  • Even if a lifeguard is supervising the beach, understand that you are swimming at your own risk.
  • Clean up all trash that you bring with you.
  • Alcohol may not be allowed.

Saint Joseph Beach Checklist

  1. Only swim in the roped off swimming area. If there is a specified swim region it is probably dangerous to venture beyond that space. There could be dangerous objects under the water, be reserved for boaters, or is not monitored by a lifeguard.
  2. Keep items dry. It may be convenient to grab a purse, tote bag, or water-resistant travel bag to stash beach items like pillows, shovels, speakersinflatables, and extra clothes. But these bags trap water from evaporating, causing mold growth and keeping beach gear from drying out.
  3. Bring spare towels. Don’t forget to pack many dry towels before going to the beach. A good rule of thumb is an ocean beach or a large body of water that has frequent rip tides. Learn the warning signs and learn how to escape if you’re stuck in one.
  4. Will the beach have lifeguards? Most large Saint Joseph beaches staff a lifeguard on duty, however do not assume that a lifeguard being there. While walking to the beach, search for lifeguard on duty signs. Occasionally they display lifeguard patrol hours.
  5. Avoid crowded times. It can be difficult to locate a parking spot at some beaches in Saint Joseph. Getting there early can help you find a good spot to park and a great place to set up shop.
  6. Bring enough layers. Even if you are expecting a warm day at the beach, it’s important to realize that the weather at the beach can change rather quickly. This is especially important if you are wanting to go for a swim, so pack enough dry clothes including sweaters, blankets, windbreakers, and socks.
  7. Avoid a sunburn. Nothing is worse than a sun burn, so remember to bring your sunscreen. Ask a friend to apply sunscreen with the hard to reach places.