Holland Beaches

Going to a beach in Holland, MI can turn into a fun-filled adventure and has plenty of perks for yourself and your those you bring with you. Getting outside in the open, floating in the water, and spending quality time with your friends and family are a few examples.

It is simple to locate a swimming beach in Holland that are somewhat close to you with the help of our table of beaches. Below is a collection to help you locate a beach close to Holland. Search for the beach name, a city, or your zip code to filter beaches.

Beaches Near Holland

If there has been a great deal of rainfall, blocked sewage drains, or thunderstorms recently, it can impact water quality levels. Make sure to take a look at the beach’s website for details regarding water quality alerts.

Weather at beaches in Holland is often quite unpredictible, so it’s necessary to plan your outing accordingly.

Holland, MI Beach Guidelines

Whenever you go to any beach in Holland, there are always guidelines that you must follow. Just about all beaches will expect you to follow these rules:

  • Drinking at the beach may not be permitted.
  • Look for signs for guidance on beach fires because they may be not permitted or you must adhere to specific guidelines.
  • You should always assume you are entering the water at your own risk, even if there is a lifeguard at attention.
  • never go to the beach whenever it’s closed.
  • Don’t forget, if you take an object to the beach, you’re obligated to clean up after yourself.
  • You must swim within the permitted regions for beach goers.

Holland Beach Tips

  1. Pick Up Garbage. No one enjoys spend a day at a waste ridden beach. When you bring items to the beach, you are expected pick up your trash. Make sure that you toss out your litter in a designated waste or recycling can.
  2. Check the bathroom layout. Restroom details could be the last thing on your mind when you plan your beach visit. However you don’t want to be caught in a situation when you have to go to the restroom soon but there isn’t one nearby. If you cannot locate restroom information on the website of the beach, you can plan on the fact that a public restroom or porta potty isn’t open. Try to go to the bathroom before leaving for the beach.
  3. Prepare for insects. If you wish to visit the beach in the morning or the evening, there’s a decent chance that mosquitos, biting flies, beach hoppers and other nuisance insects could ruin your experience at the beach.
  4. Bring plenty of sunscreen. Nothing can ruin a day at the beach like a sun burn, so remember the sunscreen. Ask a friend to help with the hard to reach locations.
  5. Don’t swim beyond the roped off swim region. If there is a ropped off swimming region it is likely dangerous to venture beyond the region. There could be hazardous objects under the surface, be reserved for boaters, or is not supervised by a lifeguard.
  6. Will there be a lifeguard? Many popular beaches in Holland staff a lifeguard on duty, however do not assume that a lifeguard being at the beach. On your walk to the beach, search for lifeguard on duty signs. Occasionally they list lifeguard patrol hours.
  7. Grab a shady area. If you know that finding a shady area could be hard to come by, or if you think that there may not be many shady areas available, pack your own shade! Bring a beach umbrella, shaded beach tent, or similar equipment that provides shade. It’s best to use equipment that has good air-flow.