West Des Moines Beaches

Heading out to a beach in West Des Moines, IA can result in a fantastic adventure and has many benefits for you and your friends. Whether you plan to go swimming, building sandcastles, throwing the frisbee, flying a kite, fishing, or just getting a tan, beaches are a home for many different exciting activities.

It is simple to locate a swimming beach in West Des Moines that are near your location with the assistance of our table of beaches. If you could use some help with searching for a great beach in your area, you can use our table below. Enter the beach name, your city, or a zip code to get started.

Beaches Near West Des Moines

The majority of beaches in West Des Moines, IA are open to the public, however many are closed to the public. Be sure to check the beach’s website to see if it’s possible to visit the beach without any restrictions. You should not be shocked if a beach you want to go to is not open because of the time of the day, being closed on certain days, or closing during the winter.

The weather at West Des Moines beaches can be quite unpredictible, so it’s important to schedule your outing accordingly.

Rules of the Beach

When you visit beaches in West Des Moines, there are always guidelines that you must follow. Nearly every beach will ask you to follow these laws.

  • Alcohol may not be allowed.
  • Bottles made from glass can easily break, so avoid bringing glass bottles to beaches.
  • Even if a lifeguard is at attention, know that you’re swimming at risk to yourself.
  • Remember, if you take something to the beach, you’re obligated to not leave anything behind.
  • Never disobey a request from the lifeguard on duty. If they tell you to do something, then you have to follow through.
  • Never go outside of the swim region.

West Des Moines Beach Tips

  1. Bring life jackets for the kids. Unfortunately, drowning will always be a risk every time you visit a beach, especially for kids. That’s the reason that it is essential to be sure you pack a Personal Flotation Device for those that needs one. This is particularly critical when there is no lifeguard around. It’s also important to realize that flotation devices such as arm rings, inflatable toys, or beach balls shouldn’t be alternatives for a properly fitted life vest.
  2. Get away from the sun. If you suspect that finding a shady spot may be difficult, or if you suspect that there likely won’t be many shady areas at the beach, pack your own! Use a beach umbrella, pop up beach tent, or some sort of equipment that provides shade. It’s best to use equipment that has enough air-flow.
  3. Wear sunglasses. Too much sun can result in permanent eye damage. Do not be tricked by the weather – your eyes may be hurt by too much sun exposure. Bring good sunglasses with polarized lenses and take a hat for more shade.
  4. Remember extra clothing. Everyone knows that the temperature in West Des Moines will change at a moment’s notice. This is especially necessary if you are planning on going swimming, so bring enough dry clothes like sweatshirts, blankets, pants, and shoes.
  5. Don’t Litter. Nothing is worse visit a dirty beach. If you bring things to the beach, you must pick up not leave anything behind. Be sure to toss out your litter in an appropriate trash or recycling can.
  6. Rip tides. This could not be an important consideration if you’re planning to visit a beach on a small lake, however rip tides must be a cause for concern if you want to visit an ocean beach or a large body of water that has frequent rip tides. Learn the warning signs and learn what to do if you’re stuck in a rip tide.
  7. Always stay in the designated swimming area. If there is a specified swim space it is likely dangerous to swim outside of the space. The area may have hazardous objects under the water, be frequented by watercraft, or is unsupervised by a lifeguard.
  8. Bring plenty of towels. Remember to pack a bunch of dry towels prior to going to the beach. Bringing towels is especially critical if you are taking little kids to the beach or if you are thinking of getting in the water.