Rolling Hills Beaches

Heading out to a beach in Rolling Hills, IN can result in a excellent day and has plenty of perks for yourself and your loved ones. Spending time in the sun, splashing in the water, and spending quality time with your friends and family to name a few.

Finding a great swimming beach in Rolling Hills with lots of space for beach activities is simple. Below is a collection to help you find a beach near Rolling Hills. Begin, by entering your zip code using the following box above the table.

Beaches Near Rolling Hills

Remember that the weather on a beach is very different than what you see in the city. Wind is usually colder and unpredictible whenever it’s blowing onto the beach.

Beaches may be temporarily closed due to water quality issues caused by temporary occurances such as E. Coli outbreaks, pollution, or chemical spills. Review the website of the beach before going to the beach for water quality updates.

Rolling Hills, IN Beach Guidelines

While different beaches in Rolling Hills will have conflicting guidelines for attending their beach, you should expect to adhere to these common rules for any beach in Rolling Hills that you go to.

  • Always listen to the lifeguard on duty. If they ask you to stop doing something, then you have to do it.
  • You must swim within the permitted areas for beach goers.
  • Do not attempt to go to the beach when it is closed.
  • Any glass containers cannot be brought to the beach.
  • Drinking at the beach may not be allowed.
  • Fires may not be allowed on most public beaches in Rolling Hills.

Rolling Hills Beach Tips

  1. Prepare for insects. If you plan on going to the beach in the morning or the evening, you’ll find mosquitos, sand flies, fleas and other nuisance bugs may cause a problem.
  2. Protect your skin. Nothing can ruin a day at the beach like a sun burn, so remember the sunscreen. Ask a friend to apply sunscreen with the hard to reach locations.
  3. Store items in a mesh bag. It may be convenient to use a purse, grocery bag, or water-resistant duffle bag to store beach items such as towels, buckets, speakersinflatables, and spare clothes. But these types of bags trap water from evaporating, leading to mildew problems and keeping beach gear from drying out.
  4. Will there be a lifeguard? Most popular Rolling Hills beaches will have a lifeguard on duty, however you should never count on a lifeguard being there. While walking to the beach, look around to see if there are lifeguard on duty signs. Occasionally they list lifeguard hours.
  5. Know if there are restrooms. Bathroom information could be the last thing on your mind before you plan your beach trip. However nobody wishes to be stuck in a spot where you gotta find a bathroom soon but there isn’t one nearby. If you cannot find bathroom information on the website of the beach, then you should plan on the fact that a public restroom or facility is not open. Try to go to the bathroom prior to leaving for the beach.
  6. Find a shady area. If you suspect that locating a shady area will be tough, or if you suspect that there may not be too many shady spots around, bring your own shade! Bring a beach umbrella, pop up beach tent, or some sort of equipment that provides shade. It’s best to use equipment that has great ventilation.
  7. Bring spare towels. Don’t forget to take a bunch of clean towels prior to leaving for the beach. when visiting beach on the ocean or an area which experiences rip tides. Learn the warning signs and learn how to survive if you are caught in a rip tide.