Evansville Beaches

Heading out to a beach in Evansville, IN can be made into a fantastic day and has many perks for you and your family. Getting outside in the open, swimming in the water, and spending quality time with your friends and family are a few examples.

It is simple to locate a swimming beach in Evansville that are are within a short drive with the help of our table of beaches. The following is a list to help you search for a beach near Evansville. Begin, by entering a zip code using the displayed box above the table.

Beaches Near Evansville

The majority of beaches in Evansville, IN are open to the public but some are private beaches. Be sure to look at the beach’s website to find out if you can visit the beach without any restrictions. Quite often, beaches will only stay open for specific months of the calendar year or for certain hours of the day.

Beaches may be periodically closed because of water quality issues as a result of unexpected events such as elevated bacteria levels, excessive rainwater, or algal blooms. Check the website of the beach before going to the beach for further information.

Evansville, IN Beach Guidelines

While different beaches in Evansville will use different rules for attending the beach, be prepared to follow these common rules for every beach in Evansville that you attend.

  • Don’t leave trash on the beach – Pack out everything you pack in.
  • Any container consisting of glass are prohibited on beaches.
  • Look for signs for guidance on fires on the beach because they may be illegal or you must follow strict fire rules.
  • Always listen to the lifeguard on duty. If the lifeguard tell you to stop doing something, then you must do it.
  • Alcohol is not permitted.
  • Most beaches in Evansville have a curfew with the exception for specific dates.

Evansville Beach Travel Tips

  1. Don’t forget the towels. Don’t forget to pack quite a few dry towels prior to heading off for the beach. A good rule of thumb is beach on the ocean or an area that experiences rip tides. Learn the indicators and know what to do if you are stuck in a rip tide.
  2. Pick Up Trash. Don’t contribute to the issue of trash on beaches. If you take stuff to the beach, you should clean up after yourself. Make sure to dispose of your garbage in a designated waste or recycling bin.
  3. Don’t swim beyond the designated swim space. If there is a designated swimming region it is likely dangerous to venture outside of the region. The area may have hazardous objects under the surface, be frequented by boaters, or is unsupervised by lifeguards.
  4. Research the bathroom situation. Bathroom details are likely the last thing on your mind when you plan your beach trip. But you never want to be stuck in a spot where you gotta go to the restroom pronto but there isn’t one in sight. If you cannot locate bathroom information on the beach’s website, then you should assume that a public bathroom or porta potty is not available. Try to use the restroom before leaving for the beach.
  5. Avoid crowded times. It can be difficult to locate a parking spot at many beaches in Evansville. Getting there early can help you find a nearby place to park your car as well as a great place to lay your down your towel.
  6. Don’t forget the sunscreen. Nothing can ruin a day at the beach like a sun burn, so don’t forget the sunscreen. Ask a friend to help with the hard to reach locations.
  7. Prepare for cold weather. Everyone knows that the temperature in Evansville can change with no warning. This is particularly necessary if you are planning on going in the water, so pack extra warm items such as a jacket, towels, pants, and a hat.