Fairfield Beaches

You will discover plenty of excellent reasons to go to a a beach in your area. Getting out in the open, floating in the water, and spending quality time with your family and friends to name a few.

Locating a great swimming beach in Fairfield with plenty of space for activities on the beach is simple. If you need some assistance with searching for a fantastic beach in your area, then use our table below. Search for a beach, your city, or a zip code to get started.

Fairfield Beaches

The majority of beaches in Fairfield, CT will be open to the public but many are on private land. Be sure to check their site to find out if you can go to the beach without any restrictions. Frequently beaches may only remain open during certain months of the year or for certain hours of the day.

Always look up the Fairfield weather forecast for today before heading off for to the beach. This ensures that you bring the proper layers for the conditions and can also known the right time to leave.

Rules of the Beach

When you go to any beach in Fairfield, there are always rules that you must follow. Nearly every beach will post the following laws:

  • Always listen to the lifeguard on duty. If the lifeguard tell you to do something, then you must follow through.
  • You must swim inside the permitted regions for beach goers.
  • Always be aware that you’re swimming at your own risk, regardless if there’s a lifeguard at attention.
  • Only go to the beach during open hours.
  • Fires may not be allowed on the majority of public beaches in Fairfield.
  • Bottles made of glass can easily shatter, so don’t bring glass bottles to beaches.

Fairfield Beach Checklist

  1. Keep the bugs away. If you plan on going to the beach early in the day or late in the day, you should expect that mosquitos, horse flies, beach hoppers and other annoying insects may cause an issue.
  2. Kids could need life vests. Sadly, drowning is always a risk every time you visit the beach, especially for children. That’s why it is important to make sure you pack a life jacket for anyone that require one. This is especially critical if there is not a lifeguard on duty. It’s also important to remember that flotation devices like water wings, pool noodles, or water rafts shouldn’t be alternatives for a well fitted life vest.
  3. Don’t forget the towels. Dry towels are necessary for a great beach experience. This is really important if you are bringing little children to the beach or if you are planning on getting in the water.
  4. Watching out for rip tides. This might not be an important consideration if you want to go to a beach on a small lake, however rip tides must be a major concern go to an ocean beach or a large lake which experiences rip tides. Pay attention to the warning signs and learn what to do if you are caught in a rip tide.
  5. Bring plenty of sunscreen. Even when the weather forecast says it won’t be sunny you should still bring your sunscreen – it’s possible to get sunburned even when it is not sunny.
  6. Dispose of Garbage. Don’t contribute to the issue of litter on beaches. When you bring stuff to the beach, you should clean up not leave anything behind. Be sure to toss out your trash in an appropriate waste or recycling receptacles.
  7. Avoid the crowds. Getting to the beach when it opens is the best way of avoiding people.
  8. Will the beach have lifeguards? Many popular beaches in Fairfield staff a lifeguard supervising, however you should never count on a lifeguard being there. On your walk to the beach, check to see if there are beach warning signs. Sometimes they display lifeguard patrol times.