Torrance Beaches

You’ll discover plenty of excellent reasons to go to a a beach in your area. Getting outside in the open, swimming in the water, and creating memories with your friends and family are a few examples.

It is simple to locate a swimming beach in Torrance that are are within a short drive with the help of our table of beaches. If you need some help with finding a beach near you, then use our list below. Search for a beach, a city, or a zip code to get started.

Beaches Near Torrance

Keep in mind that the weather on the beach is very different than in the city. Wind is usually stronger and gusty whenever it is coming onto a beach.

Prior to heading out to a beach in Torrance, CA or the surrounding area, verify on their website to make sure that the beach is open to the general public. Don’t be shocked if a beach you plan to go to is not open as a result of the time of the day, being closed on certain days, or the time of the year.

Torrance, CA Beach Rules

Whenever you go to a beach in Torrance, there are always guidelines that you should follow. Just about all beaches will expect you to follow these guidelines.

  • never visit the beach when it is not open.
  • All glass containers cannot be brought to the beach.
  • Do not consume alcohol at the beach.
  • Stay within the specified swimming area.
  • Remember, if you bring something with you, you’re required to pick up after yourself.
  • Even if a lifeguard is at attention, know that you’re swimming at your own risk.

Torrance Beach Tips

  1. Avoid crowded times. Torrance beaches will get crowded, particularly during summer weekends. Try to arrive at the beach before the crowds get there if possible.
  2. Be ready for insects. If you want to visit the beach in the morning or the evening, you will find mosquitos, horse flies, beach hoppers and other annoying bugs may cause a problem.
  3. Remember the towels. Fresh towels are important for a fun beach experience. A good rule of thumb is an ocean beach or an area which experiences rip tides. Learn the warning signs and know how to survive if you’re caught in one.
  4. Get away from the sun. If you think that locating shade could be difficult, or if you suspect that there may not be many shady spots at the beach, pack your own! Use a beach umbrella, shaded beach tent, or similar equipment that blocks sunlight. It’s best to bring something that provides enough air-flow.
  5. Bring plenty of sunscreen. Even when the sun isn’t out, it is easy to get sun burnt at the beach. Remember to bring plenty of sunscreen for the group.
  6. Dispose of Garbage. Don’t contribute to the issue of garbage on beaches. When you bring stuff to the beach, you should pick up collect your things. Make sure that you throw away your litter in an appropriate waste or recycling can.
  7. Remember extra clothing. It’s common knowledge that the temperature in Torrance will change on a moment’s notice. This is especially important if you are planning on going for a swim, so bring extra dry clothes such as sweatshirts, blankets, pants, and shirts.
  8. Will there be a lifeguard? Most large Torrance beaches staff a lifeguard supervising, however you shouldn’t depend on a lifeguard being at the beach. If you are concerned about yourself, young children or others that you bringing to the beach, it’s a smart idea to take along properly fitted life vests for anoyone who need them, and also know that you’re entering the water at your own risk.