San Jacinto Beaches

You’ll find many excellent reasons to locate a beach near you. Whether you plan to go swimming, building sandcastles, throwing the frisbee, having a picnic, going on walks, or just soaking up the sun, beaches are a home to a wide range of exciting activities.

It is simple to locate a swimming beach in San Jacinto that are somewhat close to you with the help of our table of beaches. If you need some assistance with searching for a fantastic beach near you, then find one with the table below. Enter the beach name, a city, or your zip code to filter beaches.

Beaches Near San Jacinto

Before going to a beach in San Jacinto, CA or the surrounding area, check on Google to be sure that it is free to the public. It is common that beaches may only stay open during certain seasons of the year or for specific hours of the day.

Beaches could be temporarily closed because of water quality issues caused by unexpected events like elevated bacteria levels, stormfall runoff, or flooding. Check the website of the beach before going to the beach for further information.

San Jacinto, CA Beach Rules

Whenever you go to a beach in San Jacinto, there are always rules that you must follow. Just about all beaches will post the following rules.

  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Don’t try to go to the beach when it is closed.
  • Do not swim beyond the specified swimming region.
  • Any container made of glass are prohibited on beaches.
  • Even if a lifeguard is supervising the beach, know that you are swimming at risk to yourself.
  • Always listen to the lifeguard on duty. If they tell you to do something, then you have to follow through.

San Jacinto Beach Travel Tips

  1. Bring plenty of layers. Even if you’re anticipating a warm day at the beach, you should know that the weather in San Jacinto can change rather fast. This is especially necessary if you are wanting to go swimming, so pack enough dry items including sweatshirts, towels, pants, and socks.
  2. Will there be a lifeguard? Many popular beaches in San Jacinto will have a lifeguard around, however you should never count on a lifeguard being in attendance. On your walk to the beach, look for lifeguard on duty signs. Sometimes they display lifeguard patrol times.
  3. Remember the towels. Beach towels are essential for a fun beach experience. Make sure to pack at a minimum two towels for each person – the first for drying off and the other for everything else.
  4. Don’t swim outside of the roped off swimming area. If there is a specified swim space it is probably unsafe to swim outside of that space. There could be dangerous objects under the water, be reserved for watercraft, or is unmonitored by a lifeguard.
  5. Remember life jackets for the kids. Sadly, the water will always be a danger every time you visit the beach, particularly for children. That’s the reason that it’s important to make sure you bring a Personal Flotation Device for those that needs one. This is especially critical when there is not a lifeguard around. It’s also important to realize that flotation devices such as arm rings, pool noodles, or water rafts should not be replacements for a properly fitted PFD.
  6. Rip tides. This could not be on your mind if you plan to visit beaches on a small lake, however rip tides deserve a considerable of thought if you want to visit beach on the ocean or an area that has frequent rip tides. Learn the warning signs and learn how to escape if you’re stuck in one.
  7. Where are the public bathrooms. Bathroom information could be the least of your worries when you plan your beach visit. However no one wishes to be stuck in a situation when you gotta find a restroom immediately but there isn’t one nearby. If you’re unable to find bathroom information on the beach’s website, then you should assume that a public bathroom or facility isn’t open. Make sure you use the restroom before heading to the beach.
  8. Don’t get a sunburn. Put on your sunscreen when you get to the beach. Remember, sunscreen does expire over time so check the the bottle for when it expires.