Rancho Santa Margarita Beaches

Heading out to a beach in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA can turn into a fun-filled adventure and has plenty of perks for yourself and your friends. Spending time splashing in the waves, building sandcastles, playing volleyball, flying a kite, fishing, or just catching some rays, beaches are a home to a wide range of awesome activities.

It’s easy to find a swimming beach in Rancho Santa Margarita that are are within a short drive with the assistance of our list of beaches. Below is a list to help you search for a beach near Rancho Santa Margarita. Begin, by entering a zip code in the following search box below.

Rancho Santa Margarita Beaches

In the event of an excessive amount of rainfall, blocked sewage drains, or stormwater pollution lately, it can impact water quality levels. Make sure to visit the website of the beach for information regarding water quality notices.

Always look up the Rancho Santa Margarita weather forecast for today before heading off for to the beach. Checking the weather ensures that you pack the proper layers for the conditions and can also known when you need to leave.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Beach Rules

Whenever you visit beaches in Rancho Santa Margarita, there are always rules that you should follow. Just about every beach will expect you to follow these laws.

  • Drinking at the beach may not be permitted.
  • Pick up all trash that you bring to the beach.
  • Do not go outside of the swimming region.
  • Glass bottles can easily shatter, so don’t take bottles made of glass to the beach.
  • Just about all beaches in Rancho Santa Margarita have a curfew with the exception for special occasions.
  • Even if the lifeguard is supervising the beach, understand that you are swimming at risk to yourself.

Rancho Santa Margarita Beach Checklist

  1. Watch out for insects. If you want to go to the beach early in the day or late in the day, you will find mosquitos, biting flies, beach hoppers and other nuisance bugs may be an issue.
  2. Research the bathroom situation. Bathroom information may be the last thing on your mind when you plan your beach visit. But no one wants to be caught in a spot when you have to find a restroom immediately but there isn’t one nearby. If you’re unable to locate bathroom details on the website of the beach, you can assume that a public restroom or porta potty is not open. Make sure that you use the restroom prior to leaving for the beach.
  3. Don’t swim outside of the specified swimming region. If there’s a designated swim space it is probably dangerous to swim beyond the area. There could be sharp objects under the surface, be assigned to watercraft, or is unsupervised by lifeguards.
  4. Don’t Litter. Don’t contribute to the problem of trash on beaches. If you take things to the beach, you are required pick up not leave anything behind. Be sure that you dispose of your trash in an appropriate trash or recycling bin.
  5. Avoid crowded times. Rancho Santa Margarita beaches will get crowded, especially during weekends in the summer. Be sure to get there before the crowds arrive if possible.
  6. Don’t forget the towels. Dry towels are a necessity for a good beach experience. A good rule of thumb is beach on the ocean or a large body of water that has frequent rip tides. Learn the indicators and learn how to survive if you are stuck in one.
  7. Find some shade. If you know that finding shade may be tough, or if you suspect that there may not be many shady areas at the beach, pack your own! Use a beach umbrella, pop up tent, or some sort of equipment that blocks sunlight. It’s best to use equipment that provides enough airflow.