Fountain Valley Beaches

Going to a beach in Fountain Valley, CA can result in a excellent day and has many benefits for you and your those you take with you. Getting outside in the fresh air, swimming in the water, and spending quality time with your friends and family to name a few.

It is simple to locate a swimming beach in Fountain Valley that are are within a quick drive with the assistance of our list of beaches. The following is a list to help you locate a beach near Fountain Valley. Get started, by entering your zip code in the displayed search box above the table.

Beaches Near Fountain Valley

Beaches could be temporarily shut down due to water quality concerns as a result of temporary occurances like elevated bacteria levels, excessive rainwater, or chemical spills. Check the website of the beach before leaving for the beach for further information.

Prior to going to a beach in Fountain Valley, CA or a nearby location, check online to be sure that it is accessible to the general public. Do not be shocked if a beach you want to go to is closed due to their daily hours, closing on certain days, or seasonality.

Rules of the Beach

While each beach in Fountain Valley may have various guidelines for attending their beach, be prepared to follow the following guidelines for any beach in Fountain Valley that you attend:

  • Glass bottles can easily shatter, so avoid bringing bottles made of glass to the beach.
  • You must swim within the designated regions for beach goers.
  • Fires may not be permitted on most public beaches in Fountain Valley.
  • Alcohol may not be allowed.
  • Always listen to the lifeguard on duty. If they tell you to stop doing something, then you must follow through.
  • Pick up all garbage that you bring to the beach.

Fountain Valley Beach Travel Tips

  1. Remember the towels. Don’t forget to bring plenty of beach towels before leaving for the beach. A good rule of thumb is beach on the ocean or an area that experiences rip tides. Pay attention to the warning signs and know what to do if you’re stuck in one.
  2. Store items in a mesh bag. It may be simple to find a backpack, grocery bag, or waterproof travel bag to stash beach items such as pillows, shovels, speakersinflatables, and spare clothing. However, these types of bags trap moisture from evaporating, leading to mold problems and keeping beach items from airing out.
  3. Know if there are restrooms. Bathroom information are likely the least of your worries before you plan your beach visit. But no one wants to be caught in a spot where you must go to the restroom fast but there isn’t one open. If you cannot locate bathroom details on the beach’s website, then you can plan on the fact that a public bathroom or facility is not available. Make sure that you go to the restroom prior to leaving for the beach.
  4. Bugs like the beach too. If you plan on going to the beach in the morning or late in the day, there’s a good chance that mosquitos, horse flies, fleas and other annoying bugs could be an issue.
  5. Will the beach have lifeguards? Many large Fountain Valley beaches will have a lifeguard supervising, however do not assume that a lifeguard being there. If you worry about yourself, little kids or others that you bringing to the beach, it is a smart idea to bring correctly fitted life vests for anoyone that need them, and also understand that you are swimming at your own risk.
  6. Avoid Littering. Do not contribute to the problem of garbage on beaches. Whenever you bring something to the beach, you must clean up your garbage. Make sure to dispose of your garbage in an appropriate waste or recycling receptacles.
  7. Get out the sun. If you suspect that finding a shady spot will be hard to come by, or if you suspect that there may not be many shady areas available, bring your own! Use a beach umbrella, shaded beach tent, or similar equipment that blocks sunlight. Be sure that you use equipment that has enough air-flow.