Costa Mesa Beaches

You’ll find a lot of good reasons to visit a beach in your neck of the woods. Spending time splashing in the waves, grilling on the beach, playing volleyball, flying a kite, fishing, or simply getting a tan, beaches are a host for a wide range of exciting activities.

Locating a beautiful swimming beach in Costa Mesa with lots of space for beach activities isn’t hard. If you could use some help with searching for a beach near your location, then locate a beach with our collection. Enter a beach, your city, or your zip code to filter beaches.

Beaches Near Costa Mesa

Most beaches in Costa Mesa, CA will be open for the public, however many are on private land. You should look at their site to find out if you can go to the beach without breaking any rules. Frequently beaches may only remain open during specific times of the calendar year or for certain times throughout the day.

Always look up the Costa Mesa weather forecast for the day before you leave for to the beach. Checking the weather helps make sure that you pack the proper layers for the beach and you will also known when it’s time to leave.

Costa Mesa, CA Beach Rules

When you go to beaches in Costa Mesa, there are always rules that you should follow. Just about all beaches will ask you to follow these guidelines:

  • Most beaches in Costa Mesa have curfews with the exception for specific dates.
  • Always listen to the lifeguard on duty. If the lifeguard tell you to get out of the water, then you have to follow through.
  • Bottles made from glass can easily break, so avoid bringing bottles made of glass to the beach.
  • Never swim outside of the swim area.
  • Building a fire may not be permitted on the majority of public Costa Mesa beaches.
  • Pick up after yourself.

Costa Mesa Beach Checklist

  1. Pick Up Garbage. Do not be a part of the problem of garbage on beaches. When you bring things to the beach, you are expected pick up after yourself. Make sure that you throw away your trash in an appropriate trash or recycling receptacles.
  2. Bring spare towels. Clean towels are a necessity for a fun beach experience. This is even more necessary if you’re taking little kids to the beach or if you are planning on going for a swim.
  3. Find some shade. If you know that finding shade may be difficult, or if you know that there likely won’t be too many shady spots at the beach, bring your own! Use a beach umbrella, pop up beach tent, or some sort of equipment that provides shade. It’s best to bring something that has great airflow.
  4. Get there early. It can be tough to find parking at many Costa Mesa beaches. Arriving early will ensure that you locate a nearby spot to park your car and a great place to lay your down your towel.
  5. Prepare for cold weather. Everyone knows that the temperature in Costa Mesa can change with no warning. This is particularly important if you are wanting to go in the water, so pack extra dry items like a jacket, towels, pants, and socks.
  6. Will there be a lifeguard? Many frequently visited beaches in Costa Mesa will have a lifeguard supervising, however do not depend on a lifeguard being at the beach. While heading out to the beach, search for lifeguard on duty signs. Sometimes they list lifeguard hours.
  7. Sunscreen is critical. Even if the weather forecast doesn’t predict sun you should always use sunscreen – it’s possible to get a bad sunburn even when it is not sunny.