Ithaca Beaches

Heading out to a beach in Ithaca, NY can result in a fantastic day and has plenty of benefits for you and your loved ones. Hanging out in the sun, floating in the water, and spending quality time with your friends and family are some examples.

Locating a great swimming beach in Ithaca with plenty of area for beach activities is not hard. If you need some help with searching for a beach in your area, start by finding one using the table below. Enter a beach, a city, or your zip code to find beaches.

Beaches Near Ithaca

The majority of beaches in Ithaca, NY will be open to everyone, however many are closed to the public. You should check the beach’s website to find out if you can visit the beach without breaking any rules. Do not be surprised if a beach you plan to visit is closed as a result of their daily hours, closing on certain days, or the season.

In the event of lots of rain, blocked sewage drains, or stormwater pollution recently, it may impact water quality levels. Be sure you check out the beach’s website for information about water quality closings.

Rules of the Beach

While different beaches in Ithaca may use unique guidelines for using their beach, you should expect to listen to the following guidelines for every beach in Ithaca that you attend:

  • Only go to the beach when it is open.
  • Don’t drop trash on the ground – Pack out everything you bring with you.
  • All glass containers are prohibited on beaches.
  • Never disobey a request from the lifeguard on duty. If the lifeguard ask you to stop doing something, then you must do it.
  • Do not bring alcohol to the beach.
  • Never swim beyond the swim region.

Ithaca Beach Tips

  1. Don’t forget the towels. Fresh towels are necessary for a good time at the beach. Bringing towels is especially critical if you’re taking little kids to the beach or if you are planning on getting in the water.
  2. Bring plenty of layers. Everyone knows that the temperature in Ithaca often changes rather quickly. It is especially necessary if you are wanting to go swimming, so bring enough warm clothes such as sweaters, blankets, windbreakers, and a hat.
  3. Alcohol. You are not allowed to consume alcohol at certain Ithaca beaches. Do your research prior to bringing any booze.
  4. Get a shady area. If you know that finding shade will be hard to locate, or if you think that there likely won’t be too many shady spots available, pack your own shade! Use a beach umbrella, shaded tent, or some sort of equipment that provides shade. Be sure that you use something that has great air-flow.
  5. Children could need life jackets. Keeping yourself and your loved ones safe should be your number one thought in your mind when attending the beach. Small children or those who has difficulty swimming solo needs to use a life jacket.
  6. Be ready for bugs. If you wish to go to the beach early in the day or the evening, there’s a decent chance that mosquitos, sand flies, beach hoppers and other nuisance insects could ruin your beach experience.
  7. Rip tides. This may not be on your mind if you want to visit beaches on a lake or river, but rip tides must be a major concern if you want to visit an ocean beach or an area that has frequent rip tides. Learn the indicators and learn how to escape if you’re caught in one.